Why Do People Prefer to Migrate to Canada From India

Why Do People Prefer to Migrate to Canada From India

There are many reasons to explore Canada. This article will describes some of the most compelling reasons why individuals choose to migrate to Canada from India.

A developed country like Canada attracts many young professionals, job seekers, entrepreneurs, students, skilled workers etc. It is a well known fact that Canada is an immigrant friendly country. The young and skilled professionals get better opportunities, wages and access to welfare schemes in every province in Canada. Several factors like an increase in ageing population or people reaching the stage of retirement; MNCs establishing offices in Canada; and emerging business like Information Technology enabled services require talented professionals in different organizations. For this reason the Canadian employers seek to hire young skilled and talented professionals, who would like to work in Canada for a longer period.

Key Highlights

Migrating to Canada from India in 2022 also provides various opportunities such as –

  • Earn salary in Canadian Dollars
  • Better work opportunity and job security
  • Work in a professional environment
  • Platform to learn and enhance professional skills
  • Access to world class educational and healthcare facilities free of cost
  • Provision of gaining other benefits of social schemes
  • Better standard of living
  • Safe and secure surroundings
  • Chance to live in an inclusive and multicultural society that respects people from different backgrounds and nationalities
  • Ample opportunities for growth and development

Why Canada Immigration is Beneficial for Indians in 2022?

  • Canada’s economy is recovering fast in post pandemic countries. A report by Statistics Canada highlighted that different industries and sectors in Canada had as many as 912,600 job vacancies in last three months of 2021. It was 62.1 per cent higher (349,700 extra job vacancies) than in last three months of 2019 (or pre-pandemic time). This indicates that employment rate is rising in Canada.
  • It was highlighted that accommodation and food services, construction, retail trade, health care, manufacturing and social assistance had almost 68 per cent increase in job vacancies in 2021.
  • An increase in wages is also observed in case of immigrants, who secured permanent residence status in 2018. These immigrants and skilled workers had a median wage of $31,900 one year after coming to Canada (2019), which is the highest in the history of immigrants, who had shifted to Canada after 1981.
  • Immigrants having both Canadian work and study experience had the highest median wage one year after migrating to Canada. Such immigrants had median wage of $44,600 in 2019 – one year after Canada immigration in 2018. It was even higher than the Canadian citizens, who had a median wage of $38,800 in 2019.
  • Canadian provinces like Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario reported largest number of job vacancies in recent months.

Revised Immigration Policies of Canada

The federal government of Canada is committed to support economic recovery and strengthen economy and industries by facilitating immigration. The federal and provincial governments in Canada are keen to resolve challenged posed by shortage of labour in industries and local labour markets. As a result, the new immigration plan increased the number of immigrants to Canada. The country aims to welcome as many as 411,000 new immigrants in 2022 and around 421,000 new immigrants next year (in 2023). This news boosted many applicants’ plans of migrating to Canada from India in 2022.

Why Canada is First Choice of Immigrants from India in 2022?

A report published by Boston Consulting Group in March 2021, which conducted a study of 209,000 people in 190 countries, highlighted that Canada has become the first choice of foreign skilled workers and professionals from India as they get many job opportunities offered by Canadian employers.

  • Immigrants Support Canadian Industries

Skilled professionals and talented youth are required in different Canadian industries, domains and local labour markets. A wide range of industries such as modern equipment, food service, aerospace technology, manufacturing, entertainment, agriculture (farming), construction, banking, retail, natural resource based sectors, mining, forestry, education, healthcare, e-commerce, client servicing and so on immediately require efficient manpower. The shortage of talented and skilled workers makes Canadian employers to hire immigrants to run their business effectively.

  • Education in Canada Facilitates Immigration

Canada is known for providing all-round education, especially in institutes of higher learning. The cost of tuition fee, living and accommodation is lower in Canada compared to other developed countries. Further, many Canadian universities, colleges and academic institutes are improving and promoting research studies. Such educational institutes are also offering knowledge and skills to students that enable them to secure futuristic roles and profiles in emerging work space.

  • Hike in Employment Rate in Canada

A survey conducted by ‘Environics Institute’ in Canada shows that many Canadians believe that immigrants, experienced youth, skilled workers and professionals are required in different provinces for a strong economy.

The rise in employment levels is witnessed in various sectors like Information Technology, entertainment, digital marketing, public administration, scientific research, technical services, professional services in hospitality and transport industries etc. Many Canadians and local residents support current immigration levels and federal government plans. In fact, Canadians believe that contribution of immigrants is good for the country’s economy and industries. It is also believed that foreign skilled workers and immigrants are not a threat to Canadians in job market.

Foreign skilled workers, talented youth, professionals and immigrants from India contribute to manufacturing, transportation (truck driving and transport business), quick service restaurant, food business and Information Technology sector through their hard work and innovative ideas. This helps industries and organisation in various Canadian provinces to grow and work efficiently. Some skilled workers and immigrants later opt to be an entrepreneur in Canada. This helps the country to expand business and trade and enhance its economy. Hence, the federal government of Canada is determined to fulfil its immigration targets in 2022.

What is the Process of migrating to Canada from India 2022?

There are four Canada immigration gateways-

Permanent Residency Visa

This visa category is an apt gateway for skilled workers, professionals, educated employees seeking upward mobility, better standard of living, clean environment, first-rate basic facilities, bright career opportunities as well as safe and secure habitats. The government of Canada invites professionals, who are educated and experienced, to work in different domains in Canada such as Information Technology, hospitality, healthcare, sales and marketing, e-commerce, retail, banking, finance, graphic designing, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, web designing and so on. Interested candidates get Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) on the basis of education, work experience, language proficiency (IELTS score), skill and training, sufficient funds and other personal details.

The Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) is a point based system recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The point based tool evaluates visa applications in Express Entry pool based on profile, academic credential, work experience, age and skills of applicants. Through Express Entry Program the authorities selects ideal candidates with the right skill set for existing skilled worker immigration programs. The Express Entry Program helps authorities to identify apt candidates to fulfil requirements of employers and labour markets as well as invite applicants later on to apply for Canada Permanent Residency (PR). The PR visa guarantees bright and secure jobs as well as great living conditions that young professionals and employees aspire to these days.

Work Permit

This visa category is ideal for semi-skilled workers such as welders, pipe fitters, truckers, construction workers, mechanics and so on. Owing to an aging population and lack of manpower to do laborious jobs, the government of Canada welcomes semi-skilled workers to keep the economy running and meet demands of labour in various industries.

Work Permit is an authorization granted to foreign nationals to work for a specific employer for a fixed tenure in Canada. The occupation selected by the candidate should be listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC). The Work permit is allotted for two years and can be extended after fulfilling terms and conditions by the employer and foreign nationals (employees).

Student Visa

This category is ideal for fresh graduates and international students willing to work and stay in Canada. Located in different provinces, the Canadian universities are known for research, knowledge production, skill enrichment programmes and so on. This visa category is beneficial to students, willing to pursue undergraduate and graduate programmes from a recognized Canadian academic institute or university. Completing academic programmes from recognised Canadian universities enhance job prospects in different industries and sectors in Canada.

Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa

Also called Temporary Resident visa, it can be converted into Work Permit, provided applicants fulfil all eligibility criteria. It is also favoured by many Canadian employers who secured pre-approved positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The Tourist Visa is valid for six months. Experts consider that the skilled workers can make the most of visitor visas and get in touch with authentic Canadian employers through a trusted immigration consultant.

Seek Support from Signature Visas for Canada Immigration from India in 2022

The requirements of industries and local labour markets in Canada has increased demand of foreign skilled workers, professionals and experienced youth, who can contribute towards manpower and economy. A leading immigration consultant, Signature Visas, facilitates holistic and apt guidance to immigration aspirants wishing to secure better opportunities in Canada. The consultant also facilitates counseling from professionals working in Canada to help candidates take informed decisions in order to carve bright careers. Call us at +91-9911659888.

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  • Migrating to Canada from India has multiple benefits. Eligible applicants get an opportunity to earn salary in Canadian Dollars, have better work opportunity and job security, work in a professional environment, receive ample opportunities for professional training and growth, have access to world class educational and healthcare facilities free of cost, better standard of living, provision of gaining benefits of other social schemes, have safe and secure surroundings, chance to live in an inclusive and multicultural society that respects people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

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