What is the Cost of Immigration to Canada in 2022?

What is the Cost of Immigration to Canada in 2022?

Migrating is an important decision, and moving to any country requires you to have a sufficient amount of funds. With funds, not only do you prove to the government of that country that you can sustain yourself, and you can also take care of your family in the initial days of migrating but also for immigration processing. Only through enough money being spent on examination and Permanent Residency (PR) filing will one be able to get the invitation to apply for the PR status in Canada.

Let us look at the table for the Fees for Canada Express Entry

Pathway CAD $
Primary Candidate 825
Right to Permanent Residency Fee (RPRF) 500
Spouse or Partner Processing Fee
Dependent Child (Per Child)
IELTS Test Fee 14,000
ECA from WES 230
Medical Test 5,500
Police Clarification 500

The cost mentioned above of immigration details is just a general list of the detailed expenditure required at the time of immigration. The expenditure amount and its specifications can vary and change depending on the case and the chosen pathway for immigration. Also, it is wise to be ready for untimely expenditures that may arise during application filing.

Express Entry is the most popular immigration channel for Canada. The skilled workers are assessed as per the point calculated with the help of the CRS tool, and on meeting the point score requirement, they can immigrate to Canada. The CRS tool assesses the applicants’ capability with the help of factors such as age, language, education, work experience etc. The three most popular streams of immigration are – Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

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What is the Proof of Funds Required for Canada PR?

The proof of funds of the candidate is an important document required for immigration to Canada, and it includes the following:

  • Bank account statements
  • Shares / debentures / bonds
  • Loans and credit documents
  • The previous salary paycheck details
  • The property or asset valuation

An intelligent candidate will undertake the initial steps of immigration to Canada. Only after carefully planning the loans, income, and scanning the security of his family members will he undertake the step of immigration.

The amount of settlement funds required for immigration to Canada depends on the number of family members who immigrate. The table below will provide a clear picture of the funds –

Number of Family Members Funds Required
1 CAD 13,213
2 CAD 16,449
3 CAD 20,222
4 CAD 24,553
5 CAD 27,847
6 CAD 31,407
7 CAD 34,967

The applicant cannot use the real property equity as the settlement fund proof. Also, you cannot borrow this amount from another person. If your spouse is coming with you, you can count your money together in a joint account, but as a primary applicant, you need to prove that you have access to that money.

The Canada PR Cost from India

When it comes to the cost of Immigration, Canada is still affordable compared to other destinations like Australia, the UK, and the USA. For example, the Canada PR cost from India for a family of four is around CAD 25,000, which is CAD 11,000 less than the requirement for Australian immigration. That is a significant amount of money saved!

Immigration to a new country can come with a hefty price tag, but the outcome is worth all the trouble. The cost of immigration to Canada will depend on the size of the family. The more people will immigrate, the more prominent will be the sum requirement.

Cost of Immigration to Canada in 2022 with Temporary Visas

It is not just Permanent residency that is the only mode of immigration to Canada; there are other ways as well through which the candidates can relocate to the country of their dreams, and the two most popular ways of getting a temporary visa in Canada are –

  • Work permit
  • Student visa

The good thing about these visas is that they significantly improve the chance of getting a residency in the future. You can work in Canada and gain Canadian work experience, which will let you get the PR through the CEC stream of the Express Entry System. As a student, after you finish the tour of education in Canada, you can start applying for jobs and PR visas. Having Canadian education on your side can help you land a job in Canada easily, thus opening the gates for a PR residency.

If you are committed to living in Canada, collect the proper documents on time and take the giant leap. The Canada PR cost from India for a temporary visa is as follows:

  • Study Visa Cost – CAD 150
  • Work permit Cost – CAD 155
  • Visitor Visa Cost – CAD 100
  • Visitor Visa (Family) Cost – CAD 500
  • Working Holiday Visa Cost – CAD 153

It is imperative to note that an applicant is not allowed to work on a visitor visa in Canada and should not try to indulge in any such illegal activities. Once caught, you will be deported and also blocklisted for the country. Thereby it will hamper your future chances as well.

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