How to Improve Express Entry CRS Score?

How to Improve Express Entry CRS Score?

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Young aspirants seeking to immigrate to Canada can apply under one of the fastest and convenient immigration mode called Express Entry program. This program is based on points scale in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The authorities assess eligibility and candidature of immigration seekers through a points-based calculator called Canada Express Entry Points Calculator. It determines the CRS score of applicant based on various factors such as age, academic credentials, work experience, credentials of spouse and so on.

In simple terms, applicants scoring good CRS score (450-500) stand good chance of receiving Invitation To Apply, or ITA, for Permanent Residence of Canada. Moreover, candidates, already employed in Canada or having higher education degree in addition to proficiency in French and English, get ITA and bonus points. Applicants from outside Canada must work to improve their academic credentials and look into other determining factors of CRS score in order to get leverage by leading employers in Canada. In order to achieve Canadian visa successfully through Express Entry program, one should work plan meticulously to boost CRS score.

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What is the Comprehensive Ranking System Score?

The comprehensive ranking system (CRS) tool is used to rank the applicants who apply for permanent residency Through the express entry system. The applicants can apply through programs like –

  • Federal Skilled Workers program
  • Federal Skilled Traders program
  • Canadian Experience Class

The higher the appellant’s score, the better the chances of selecting and receiving ITA for the Permanent residency. To get the ITA for the IRCC, the appellants need to have the same score or higher as asked. The Express entry draws are conducted after every two weeks, and the score is different based on the pool.

How is the CRS score calculated?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool calculates the score out of 1200, Which can be categorized into two parts –

  • Core Points- 600
  • Additional points – 600

Under the Core points, there are three factors –

  • Human Capital factors
  • Skill Transferability
  • Spouse factors

Additional Points

  • Canadian diplomas/ degrees and certificates
  • A valid job offer
  • Nomination from a Province or territory
  • Any brother/sister who is living in Canada
  • Strong French language skills

If the score of the appellant is less than the average score, then the applicant can try and up the game by improving the CRS score.

Five Ways to Improve Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

Keep a Broad Perspective

It is observed that applicants focus on single area or factor instead of taking overall stock of situation. Experts advise to develop a holistic perspective in order to improve CRS score. For instance, having good academic record will be of no use if candidate is unable to get good score (band) in language proficiency test called IELTS. In a nutshell, one should not rely on a single factor to get good CRS score.

Applicants should consider all listed areas and chalk out a plan to score maximum or good points against each listed factor in Canada Express Entry Points Calculator. Candidates should get guidance from authentic immigration consultants on ways to strengthen each area. The professional guidance can help them in great manner to understand ways to improve their credentials in order to enhance score in major three or four areas.

Increase the language score

English and French are two major spoken languages in Canada. The applicant should be proficient in one of the languages to secure good point score. Candidates can improve overall CRS score by enhancing the language test score in International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The high score in IELTS increases chances of selection. There is no ideal score (band) in IELTS, but one should aim to get good score in language proficiency test. Having knowledge of both languages – French and English – can be an advantage. It ensures additional CRS score.

Spouse Score

There is an additional advantage for married applicants. They can avail extra points for education, work experience, and language proficiency of spouse to strengthen CRS score. The enhanced score helps improving chances of Canada immigration.

Get a Provincial Nomination

The best way for an applicant to escalate the CRS score is to secure provincial nomination as it lends additional 600 points (with effect from November 19, 2016, as per updated immigration laws). Skilled workers and competent professionals are likely to be at par by securing provincial nomination. The Canadian provinces have different labour and occupation priorities as per land and demography demands. The demand in labour and occupations are bound to change depending on requirements in Canadian provinces.

Please note that authorities open and close provincial categories within specific period. Many provinces simply change immigration and hiring rules and only notify through updates in websites. In such situations, applicants must keep updated documents ready in prescribed format to avoid delay and glitches at the last moment. It is interesting to note that candidates, who have visited a particular Canadian province, before applying grab extra points for the same.

Get a Job Offer

A job offer from a Canadian employer can make candidates earn additional 200 points while applying through Canada Express Entry program. This definitely ensures better chances of receiving Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Applicants can look out for jobs as per their skills, work experience and interest in specific field. Try to appear in face-to-face interview or interactions with Canadian employers or attend job fairs in Canada.

Boost Your Education

Educational qualification plays an important role to secure Canadian visa through Express Entry pathway. Try to get a Masters degree or academic qualification equivalent to Canadian education system. In short, a degree in higher education enhances CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score of applicants.

Hire an Employment Professional

Try to do ground work on employment experts, who facilitate guidance on occupations as well as immigration. Candidates can enhance Comprehensive Ranking System score by taking help of employment professionals. This will provide them huge database of prominent hiring recruiters across Canada. No doubt, engaging it an employment professional helps candidates to increase CRS score and secure immigration through Canada Express Entry.

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