USMCA Work permits for Canada

USMCA Work permits for Canada

Under the International Mobility Program (IMP), USMCA work permits are issued to applicants. The USA and Mexican citizens do not require any Temporary Resident Visa, and they can escape the LMIA requirement with a USMCA work permit.

USMCA(United States—Mexico—Canada Agreement) allows certain types of workers from America and Mexico who can work in Canada without any Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There is a range of occupation which allow applicants to work in Canada.

What is USMCA?

In November 2018 a new trade agreement was signed between Canada, Mexico and the USA. The new policy is called USMCA and it replaces the previous NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement). Under the USMCA the applicants who are citizens of US, Mexico and Canada they can enter Canada temporarily for goods & services trade or investments. There is no need for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as well.

USMCA Work permits, Canada

Categories of workers for USMCA Work Permit

  • USMCA Professionals
  • USMCA Investors
  • USMCA Traders
  • USMCA Intra-company transfers

USMCA Professionals –

It is a popular category for the selection of applicants from the USA and Mexico who have the required education and experience to work in Canada.

The list of eligible requirements include –

  • Applicant should be a citizen of America or Mexico.
  • The candidate should be identified as a Professional.
  • The candidate should be qualified to work in the selected profession.
  • Having a pre-arranged employment with an employer in Canada is essential.
  • Must have the provision of professional-level services in the field of qualification.

USMCA Investors –

To be eligible for USMCA investors, the applicant should have a substantial investment in a new or existing Canadian business. Investors must show that he has a controlling stake in the company. There are different factors considered at the time of evaluation, and the company is thoroughly assessed.

The requirements that need to be met include –

  • The Investor should be U.S. or Mexican citizen.
  • A majority of the company needs to be owned by the applicant with U.S. or Mexican citizenship.
  • There should be Substantial investment already made in Canada. The Substantial investment in such a case would mean the amount against the total value of the business.
  • The Investor should have the sole reason of developing and directing the business.
  • The role of the appellant needs to be executive or supervisory.

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USMCA Traders –

A trader is someone who wishes to engage in goods and services engage. To be a USMCA trader, there needs to be more than 50 percent of the company’s international trade that needs to be done to the U.S. or Mexico. It could be assessed through the value of the transactions or the volume being traded.

The requirements for the traders are –

  • Having U.S. or Mexican citizenship is essential.
  • The employing enterprise needs to have a majority of U.S. or Mexican nationality.
  • Substantial trade in goods or service.
  • The trade should be between U.S. or Mexico and Canada.
  • The position of the applicant needs to be supervisory or executive or involves essential skills.

USMCA Intra – Company Transfers

The USMCA Intra-Company Transfer category issues the work permits for up to three years initially. The Individuals are issued an initial work permit for the one-year maximum period.

This transfer is segmented into three categories –

  • Executives – Involved in the management of enterprise and takes guidance from higher-level executives.
  • Senior managers – manage the part of the enterprise and supervise other managers or professional employees’ work.
  • Workers with ‘specialized knowledge’ – have specialized knowledge of the enterprise’s product or service.

How to become a Permanent Residence after USMCA Work permit?

USMCA work permit holders can easily become permanent residents of Canada. They can create an express entry Profile where they will have an advantage of Canadian work experience. They can meet the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points score requirement and be selected for the invitation to apply. After the permanent residency, the next step is becoming naturalized Canadian citizens, and many people have undertaken this step as well.

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  • With USMCA, Canadian businesses can continue to hire skilled American and Mexican workers and also allows them to bypass the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). To work in US the eligible Canadians will not require a visa and tell will be given a TN at the port of entry.

  • Requirements for a Work permit under USMCA-You need to be a citizen of US or Mexico also have a job offer in any of the listed 63 occupations. It will not include the Intra company transfers.

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