Teaching Jobs in Canada for Indians

Teaching Jobs in Canada for Indians

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Canada’s flourishing economy offers bright career and umpteen job opportunities to young aspirants seeking teaching jobs in Canada. Considered a noble profession across the globe, teaching profile is one of the most desired career options in Canada. Candidates can work as Teachers, Online Tutors, Counselors, Mentors, Curriculum Developer and so on. Teaching jobs in Canada for Indians are in plenty and offer promising and steady future.

teaching jobs in Canada

Canadian employers also seek ideal candidates who are good in preparing curriculum, lesson plans, assignments, worksheets, assigning homework, helping students to overcome academic hurdles, grading assignments, tracking progress reports and counsel students and parents to enable students perform better in academic and co-curricular activities. Various academic institutes, coaching centres, counseling workshops, curriculum development agencies, and online tutorials appreciate contribution of teachers in upgrading education system in Canada.

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Teaching Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

The diverse education system in Canada offers a range of opportunities to teachers. The academic ecosystem offers growth to aspirants of teaching jobs as well as a platform to further hone their knowledge and skills.

Some salient aspects of Canadian education system are –

  • Well-paid Jobs – As per report ‘Education At A Glance’ by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Canadian teachers are well paid. The report states that salaries of teachers after 15 years of experience are among the highest across OECD countries at $90 (U.S.) per teaching hour for secondary school teachers and more than $65,000 (U.S.) per year.
  • World-class Education – The Canadian schools and academic institutes promote inter-disciplinary studies and polish critical assessment, analytical thinking, teamwork and communication skills.
  • Good Rankings – Five Canadian universities were ranked in “The 2018 top 100 For the Best Universities in the World” according to the Times Higher Education World University Ratings.
  • ICT-enabled Education System – Canada was the pioneer in linking its schools and libraries to the Internet through its pathbreaking SchoolNet programme. This ensures that almost 90% of Canadian households have access to Internet and students learn concepts in various streams such as biotech, IT, Digital Media, telecommunication, engineering, pharmaceuticals and so on through technology.
  • Additional Benefits – Canada offers additional benefits to teachers such as life and dental insurance, compassionate and maternity leave, cumulative sick leave, long-term disability insurance, sabbatical and study leave and retirement gratuities.

How to Migrate as A Teacher to Canada From India?

Candidates having required skills, work experience and knowledge in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, get several job opportunities in the field of Education and Teaching. Aspirants can apply for Canadian immigration through any of the options available –

  1. Express Entry Program – Experienced foreign workers, who have secured Permanent Residency (PR), are allocated an Express Entry Number after applying under Express Entry entryway. It is mandatory for registration in Job Bank of Canada, a reputed job site. It has job listings with massive database of employers who prefer right candidates and have a productive workforce in their organisations. This programme works for foreign skilled workers with considerable work experience.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – This Provincial Nominee Program is meant for skilled workers having particular skill set, domain knowledge and work experience in specific field, those who would like to live in a certain province and would like to apply for Permanent Residency in future.

Salary Structure in Teaching Jobs in Canada

The average salary in jobs in teaching in Canada for Indians is $49410 per year. The salary of teachers depends on the work experience and years of service in schools. A primary school teacher earns $ 49,431 (approximately) per year. Teachers also switch to other jobs in Canada or retire after 20 years of work experience as a teacher. The High School teachers earn more compared to primary school teachers. Also, teachers having Science background and strong communication skills tend to earn more than others. High school teachers earn $ 54,987 (approximately) per year.

Most popular profiles in Teaching jobs in Canada for Indians

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Early Childhood Specialist
  • Linguist
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • TESOL Instructor
  • ESL Teacher
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Substitute Elementary Teacher
  • Language Instructor
  • Music Teacher
  • Counsellor
  • Childcare Teacher
  • Childcare Instructor
  • School Counsellor

Job Opportunities With Salary for Teachers in Canadian Provinces –

(source- https://ca.indeed.com/Teaching-jobs)

  • Elementary School Teacher in Merritt – $25- $35 per hour
  • Elementary School Teacher in Williams Lake – $4690 per month
  • High School Teacher in Toronto – $2300 – $2500 per month
  • English Teacher (Secondary School) in Toronto – $3300 per month
  • Teacher (Elementary School) in Surrey – $4960 – $7060 per month
  • Library Assistant in Calgary – $21.32 – $28.43 per hour
  • Mathematics Teacher (Secondary School) in Mississauga – $30 – $60 per hour
  • Online Tutor in North York – $30- $40 per hour
  • Physics Teacher (Secondary School) in Sault Ste Marie – $25 per hour
  • Teacher (Elementary School) in Fredericton – $15 -$20 per hour
  • Education Assistant in Calgary – $23.62 – $30.96 per hour
  • Music Teacher in Saint John – $25000 per year
  • Special Educator (Primary School) in Fort Alexander – $50000 – $65000 per year

Key Highlights —

  • Analysts noted that only 5% of the total applicants secure direct Work Permit (WP) through job sites.
  • Having Permanent Residency increases the chances of securing jobs in Canada from 5% to 50%.

Canadian employers give preference to resumes of candidates, who have secured PR Visa for Canada. This document allows candidates to work in Canada.

Need Help?

Get in touch with immigration expert on +91-9911659888 to discuss on IT job options in Canada and process to immigrate.

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Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan latest immigration updates before applying for jobs in Canada.

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  • The NOC code for a teacher in Canada is NOC 4031/4032

  • As an immigrant, you need to get a teaching certificate from a Canadian university before you start teaching.

  • Can you tell what are the selection factors for getting job as a teacher in Canada?

    • To be approved as a teacher in Canada, the applicant needs to have the following criteria met-
      • The candidate should have completed education higher than a school diploma required for the position.
      • At least one year of work experience in teaching is important
      • The language skills should be as per the requirement
      • The applicant should meet the appropriate age
      • Ideally, skills are tested through an assessment quiz.
      • The applicant should be fit to teach and should not have any criminal record.

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