Sales Jobs in Canada for Indians

Sales Jobs in Canada for Indians

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Various sales jobs for Indians in Canada offer maximum benefits, financial stability, and a sense of professional accomplishment. The growth of innovative products and services in different industries such as IT, automobile, pharma, hospitality, FMCG, automation, manufacturing and so on require capable and efficient sales person who can sell them to the right audience and further expand business opportunities. The flourishing economy of developed country like Canada offers various perks and job satisfaction to people engaged in sales jobs. Sales jobs in Canada for Indians offer positions of Associate, Consultant, Advisor, Account Executive among others. The rewarding career in sales also offers a range of allowances, comfort as well as bright and sustainable career.

Sales jobs in Canada for immigrants

Advantages of Sales Job in Canada

  • The website reports that the profile of Sales Associate is the most in-demand role in Canada.
  • Retail trade provides maximum jobs in Canada
  • Permanent sales jobs generally pay between $52,000 and $62,000 (approximately)
  • Customers still prefer to check out products of their interest after doing online research. Several retailers employ sales associates to serve customers better and expand their business by offering best services to customers.
  • Better pay scale in sales jobs
  • Opportunities to interact with people from diverse background
  • Customer-friendly policies
  • Learning and training avenues
  • Platform to develop social skills and make a great rapport with clients
  • Career opportunities in various key industries
  • Liberty to plan work schedule

Canadian employers would like to employ ideal candidates, who are good in interacting with customers, updated about industry trends, plan day and activities in advance, set right sales pitch, aware about target audience, ways to further expand business and be a part of growing economy of Canada.

Skilled professionals and candidates with desired skills and work experience in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada receive multiple job opportunities in the field of sales.

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Candidates can apply for immigration through below-mentioned programmes

  1. Express Entry Programme – Initiated by Canadian government in 2015, this electronic selection system is purely based on based on certain factors such as age of candidate, educational credentials, work experience in specific trade/industry, score in English language skills, skill set of spouse (if any), health and financial status of candidate, score from CRS score calculator among others. Foreign skilled professionals receive Express Entry Number under this programme. The number helps them to register themselves in Job Bank of Canada – the most popular and widely used job portal. It has listing of sales jobs in various provinces in Canada. This site is also scrutinised by employers who are keen on hiring right candidate for their companies. This option is best suited to skilled professionals having an extensive work experience in relevant field.
  2. Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) – This pathway is meant for foreign skilled workers and candidates having knowledge and education in desired field, particular skill set, and relevant work experience. Canadian provinces announce their own nominee programmes which are meant to hire skilled professionals to settle in specific provinces. The PNP are mutually beneficial programme, which means it serves employment needs of employers in specific Canadian province as well as take care of needs of immigrants. Please note that candidates must be willing to work and stay in a particular province for some years under Canada PNP. Aspirants can fill this form to check their eligibility for various sales jobs in Canada.

Salary Structure in Sales Jobs in Canada

The average salary in sales job in Canada is $47,318 per annum (approximately) or $24.27 per hour in a day. Candidates seeking entry level positions start at $22,424 per annum while trained employees earn up to $80,440 per annum (approximately). The salary structure depends on other factors as well such as knowledge, experience, education and so on. The employers in Canada generally offer work tenure from 1-3 years.

Titles in Sales Jobs in Canada For Indians

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Co-ordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager

Job Opportunities in Canadian Provinces


  • Sales Executive in Concord – $50,000 – $60,000 per year
  • Sales Consultant in Toronto – $45,000 per year
  • Business Development Executive in Toronto – $40,000 – $80,000 per year
  • Sales Advisor in Toronto – $30,000 per year
  • Sales Consultant in Toronto – $30,000 per year
  • Account Executive in Markham – $50,000 per year

Key Highlights

➡ Out of total applicants only 5% candidates secure direct Work Permit (WP) through Job Portals.
➡ The Permanent Residency (PR) visa enhance chances from 5% to 50% to secure jobs by foreign skilled workers
➡ Canadian employers prefer skilled workers who have secured PR. The Canada PR visa allows candidates to work in any province in Canada.

A rewarding career and bright future in Canada depends on following experts’ guidance and support from the best Canada immigration consultant for documentation and co-ordination with authorities. Signature Visas, provides complete guidance to young skilled workers and candidates seeking sales jobs in Canada from India and other locations. The consultant enhances the chances of securing jobs by providing guidance from professionals working in Canada. This practice also helps candidates and job seekers to take informed decisions.

Signature Visas is also committed to provide job assistance to young aspirants in order to access employers and recruiters in Canada specialized in sales jobs. Feel free to call us to get help in finding sales jobs in Canada for Indians. Call us at +91-9911659888

Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan immigration updates before hunting jobs in Canada.

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