Requirements for Canada Express Entry Visa from India

Requirements for Canada Express Entry Visa from India

Are you surfing and searching for the requirements needed for Canada Express Entry from India? Here, you will discover the most suitable information to understand what is the Canada Express entry? The eligibility and requirements needed to make your application a success!

Requirements for Canada Express Entry Visa
As the name suggests, the “Express” denotes speed. Hence, “express” entry refers to the speedy process to get into Canada. Initiated on January 1, 2015, it is an immigration program that applicants need to adhere to get the entry, replacing the traditional means of selection system; the Express entry program is a point-based system that makes a selection of the most competitive for immigration. It is modelled to facilitate easy entry to the country or province in a much hassle-free manner.

Candidate needs to understand all the Canada express entry requirements before applying. A candidate of the age 20-29 who possess a high level of education and have good proficiency in English or French language can get easy access to Canada. After meeting certain requirements, only then the Permanent Residency status of Canada is awarded to them.

Core Requirements for Canada Express Entry from India

There are several requirements that you must understand for applying to the Canada Express Entry Visa from India. Also, you need to follow the Canada immigration process from India correctly. To understand all the core requirements, you must glace upon the following crucial points mentioned down here:

  • Mandatory to show the score results of the language test undertaken by the candidate.
  • The applicants are required to showcase their ECA (Education Credential Assessment) which will be valid for two years.
  • Important to provide the Expression of Interest.
  • Must get a minimum of 67 points in CRS.
  • Must provide the Expression of Interest.
  • Show the Health and character certifications once in ITA for a PR visa once it gets approved.

Documents Required for Canada Express Entry from India

The documents are inseparable components of the application for Express Entry. If you are applying from India then consider taking service from the best Canadian immigration consultant in India for proper filling of documents. Below is one of the organized “must-have” documents that one must have beforehand.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Diplomas/Degree certificate
  • Valid driver license
  • Adoption papers of kids (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificates/divorce papers/separation papers
  • Birth certificates
  • All the Educational Diplomas/Degrees/certificates
  • Immunization records of children under 16 years of age
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Reference letter from previous employers
  • Police verification certificates
  • Medical record
  • Photocopies of personal identification
  • Proof of funds
  • Passport
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residency (PR) status issued to you
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Result of the language proficiency test.

Even if you are through with the key requirements on Canada Express Entry, the ideal way to level up your chances is by seeking professional guidance from the trusted Immigration consultant! You may get in touch with Signature Visas immigration expert on +91-9911659888

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  • It is very important to note that creation of an express entry profile doesn’t guarantee the selection for the PR status rather it is just registering for the process. Getting the PR status through the Express entry depend on the selection.

  • I have ten years of experience as a mechanical engineer what are my chances of getting Canada PR through express entry program?

    • There are a lot of factors that determine your chances of immigration. The first and foremost being meeting the minimum CRS score requirement and your occupation being in demand in Canada. Having ten years of experience can work to your advantage as it will help you get higher points of work experience. The higher one scores in the CRS grid the better are the selection chances. You can call our immigration expert on +91-9911659888 for more info.

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