What is The Process to Apply for Canada PR from India?

What is The Process to Apply for Canada PR from India?

Canada has gained prominence as the land of individual and professional opportunities. Considered as a developed nation, it welcomes students, businessmen, and skilled workers in its domain. With an ever-growing economy and a stable political system, Canada should be topping your list for migration.

Process to Apply for Canada PR from India

For those who are planning on moving to Canada, they should start by checking the eligibility. It is good to undertake the process under the guidance of a right immigration consultancy only. The process to apply for Canada permanent residency (PR) from India is extensive and involves meticulous details. But first, let us look at the core reasons to move to Canada with the Permanent Residency are

  • Settle and work anywhere in Canada
  • Free education
  • Free healthcare
  • Protection against crime
  • Right to apply for a Canadian Citizenship after two years
  • A multi-cultural country with a warm reception
  • Low crime rate
  • Stable economy

Quick Guide to Apply for Canada PR from India

  1. Hire a good immigration consultant with a successful track record.
  2. Language test should be taken in English or French language.
  3. Get your application pre-assessed with your consultant.
  4. Authentication of your documents through Educational Credential assessment (ECA).
  5. Start the process by applying through express entry program or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
  6. Get ready with all the documents – proof of funds, medical record, employment experienced, etc.
  7. Receive the ITA and then start the documentation process.
  8. File the application for the PR status.

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Proper knowledge and understanding of the process to get Canada permanent residence (PR) visa from India can help you make the right choice, if you are applying from India. The rules and laws for Canada immigration process change frequently. Thus, it is always best if you are completely updated with the latest information. For this, you can take the assistance of your immigration consultant who will have experts to guide you accurately at every step.

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  • You can also apply for the Canada PR from India as a self-employed. A self-employed with relevant work experience, and can also be self-employed in Canada, hence contributing to Canada’s economy. The applicant will be preferred on the basis of the following criteria:
    -Language fluency
    Medical and security are other criteria that need to be fulfilled to get selected.

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