New Brunswick Immigration

New Brunswick Immigration

New Brunswick prioritizes economic immigration. One of the most pocket-friendly provinces in Canada is known for its diversified use of languages and well priced real estate. New Brunswick immigration aims to attract global talent and support the economy through the labor shortage. Thus, you can apply to a promising stream for selection and migrate if you have work experience and skills.

Immigration to Brunswick, Canada

How to Immigrate to New Brunswick province?

New Brunswick offers a fantastic lifestyle to immigrants with big cities like Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton.

There are four streams for qualification for the New Brunswick PNP-

  • Express Entry labor market
  • Skilled Worker with Employer Support
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Post Graduate Entrepreneurial

Candidates can relocate to New Brunswick through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program as well. Atlantic program works through cooperation between the federal government of Canada and Four provinces- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island

Eligibility requirements for Immigrating to New Brunswick

While every stream will have its eligibility norms, there is some criterion which is common in all streams. Following are some of the eligibility requirements –

  • Age should be at least 21 years
  • The minimum language score should be CLB 7 in English or French for the express entry labor market and CLB 4 for Skilled worker with an employer support system
  • Minimum required funds to be able to settle in New Brunswick
  • A minimum of secondary school education from Canada or from outside but should be as per Canadian Standards.
  • Interest in Living and working in New Brunswick
  • Should have at least one-year work experience in National Occupation Classification (NOC) O, A or B
  • Score minimum required points –
    – For Skilled Workers with Employer support – The minimum score is 50 points
    – Express Entry Labor Market Stream – The minimum score is 67 points out of 100
  • For New Brunswick Entrepreneurial stream – The applicant should have a net worth of CAD 6,00,000 out of which CAD 3,00,000 should be liquid cash
  • Also for entrepreneurial stream, the applicant should have at least 33 % ownership in the business with a minimum investment of CAD 2,50,000
  • The entrepreneur should also sign a Business Performance Certificate with New Brunswick and pay CAD 1,00,000

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New Brunswick Canada Immigration for Business Applicants

This is for Immigrants who wish to start their own business in New Brunswick province. For this, apart from filing the minimum requirements, the applicant should provide a business plan along with adequate managerial experience of at least five years. Also, the other qualification criterion includes-

  • Having a personal net worth of CAD 3,00,000
  • Submit a refundable deposit of CAD 75,000 along with a signed copy of deposit agreement
  • Score a minimum of 50 points in Score grid
  • At least one business trip to New Brunswick

Business Trip to New Brunswick

Before the application is submitted, the applicants should become aware of the business environment. Hence a minimum five-day business trip is essential which will not include the travel day and interview day. The trip should be aimed at extensive research and meeting business people. After the tour, the applicant will have to undertake an Interview with New Brunswick Canada immigration official to discuss the matters –

  • Finances
  • Market Trends
  • Competition
  • Taxes
  • Labor requirements
  • Business Opportunity
  • Suppliers

Another Way to Immigrate to New Brunswick is Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

The Atlantic region of Canada includes New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Labrador, or Nova Scotia. For these regions, there has been a new program created by the IRCC. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is an employer-driven program designed to fill the labor market gap.

If you want to immigrate through the Atlantic immigration pilot program, then you should fulfill the following-

  • Either it would be best if you were a recent graduate from a recognized Institution in the Atlantic region.
  • Or a Skilled worker who can meet the minimum points core requirement.

Since it is an employer-driven program, you should start the process by getting a valid job offer in a suitable profile from a designated employer in the Atlantic region.

The Steps for Selection under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are –

  1. Designated employer from the Atlantic region will look for a suitable candidate and offer him a job
  2. Employer will get in touch with the settlement Service provider. They will help provide a settlement plan and send an endorsement letter.
  3. Along with the endorsement letter and all the other documents, apply for the PR status.

Why Hire Signature Visas for Immigration?

The decisions made for relocation are final, and there is no appeal in case your application is rejected. Hence, a good immigration company is essential. Signature Visas offers best Canada PR visa from India service and provides personalized counseling. We ensure that you have undertaken each step carefully and meticulously with the help of immigration experts. For this, we offer pre-assessment and counseling along with IELTS preparation documentation and processing help. Call us at +91-9911659888 for free counseling.

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  • I will choose to stay in New Brunswick as the quality of life in Maritime province is so much better and for me it is more about quality of life then Standard of living. Further, there are three main cities in the province Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John and opportunities in these cities are just as good as in any other region.

  • If I am planning to move to New Brunswick with my family, then do I have to worry about their safety? Is it a good and safe place to stay?

    • New Brunswick is slowly and Steadily gaining popularity. It is a maritime province whose crime and violent incidences have made the news in the past but things have changed since then and it is safe place to relocate now. Recently there have been no grave incidents that have been reported in the region and many families are living in New Brunswick with ease. Further, the real estate in New Brunswick is very reasonable. You can plan to immigrate to New Brunswick.

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