What are the Medical Test Requirements for Canada Permanent Residency (PR)?

What are the Medical Test Requirements for Canada Permanent Residency (PR)?

Canada wants young and fit skilled professionals to immigrate to its country so that they can positively contribute to the economic growth. Therefore, anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada from an international student to a skilled worker should undergo medical tests. As per law, your immigration heavily relies on your good medical conditions.
Medical test for canada PR

Who all require a Medical test?

The primary candidate and all the members immigrating with him should get a medical test done. It includes spouses, partners, and dependent children. Even for a temporary resident as a live-in caregiver, a medical exam is mandatory.

Where is a medical exam done from?

The applicant can get the medical examination in your home country or any country of your choice. The pre-requisite is that a doctor from the physician panel should conduct the test.

  • The examining doctor needs to be on the list of designated panel physicians who IRCC approves.
  • Only authorized doctors can conduct your examination and provide you with a Health Certificate.

What medical tests are needed for Canadian immigration?

General physical test that includes checks for eyes, nose, heart, lungs, and others, chest X-rays, blood tests for HIV and Syphilis and urine tests are common tests for a Canada PR visa.

Chest X-Rays – They can be avoided for pregnant women. However, after the birth of both mother and newborn need to take the test.

Blood Tests – The test for major diseases and disorders needs to be taken to check overall health. It includes active TB, HIV, and Syphilis.

Urine Tests – It should be undertaken to determine any subsequent medical issues

Physical examination

  • Check Weight
  • Check height
  • Check hearing and vision
  • Check blood pressure
  • Check pulse
  • Listen to your heart and lungs
  • Feel your abdomen

For a Temporary resident visa applicant, the medical test is necessary only if –

  • Have a travel history in the last six months.
  • You wish to work in a job where public health must be protected.
  • A parent or grandparent super visa.

What is the cost of a medical test for a Canada PR visa?

Series of these medical tests will cost around INR 5000 to 9000 for one person. The list includes all the major blood tests and X-rays.

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