IT Jobs in Canada For Indians

IT Jobs in Canada For Indians

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The vast space of technology touches every arena of human life. Canada, famous for well-equipped technology infrastructure, attracts attention of tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon among others. Various Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal are becoming fastest growing market for tech and Information Technology (IT) jobs in Canada. The expansion of IT and advanced technology raises demand of IT jobs in Canada for Indians.

Canadian employers also seek ideal candidates for IT job profiles such as Software Engineer, System Analyst, Technical Support, Business Analyst, Network Engineer, Project Leader, Web Developer, Software Tester, Multimedia Architect and Operation Analyst and so on. Various IT firms in Canada appreciate skilled Indian professionals who are also good in presentation, project management, operation, problem solving, designing, organization, technical and business understanding, web development, analytical thinking, network knowledge, communication and software application etc. IT jobs in Canada for Indians are in plenty as well as offer sustainable and bright career to young aspirants. If you are an expert you can easily get job in Canada from India.

Canada Information Technology (IT) Jobs and Career

Jobs in IT sector in Canada

  • Owing to migration of IT companies from US to Canada, IT professionals are very much in demand in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in other provinces. There is a growing demand of Software Engineers, Web Developers, System Analysts, Technical Support, Network Engineer, Software Tester, Programmer and so on. Skilled professionals with considerable work experience easily get IT jobs in Canada.
  • Since many advanced machines and operating systems in business establishments are working on artificial intelligence (AI), tech and IT careers in Canada are in demand and are well-paid. Skilled professionals can earn approximately $102,555 per year.
  • The IT jobs are growing after Canadian government’s announcement of its Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which pledged $125 million for research in AI technology.
  • IT jobs in Canada will witness a growth of 11 per cent every year, predicts CareerBuilder, a popular job site.
  • The country has a large section of population retiring every year which opens a gateway of opportunities for young IT professionals to get jobs in Canada and join the workforce.

Candidates having IT skills and considerable work experience in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, receive many job offers in the field of Information Technology.

Candidates can apply for immigrations through any of the options available –

Express Entry Programme
It is beneficial to skilled professionals who have secured Permanent Residency (PR). It is secured by candidates who have been allocated Express Entry Number after applying under Express Entry process. This number is compulsory for registration process in Job Bank of Canada, a popular job site in Canada. This portal has various job listings with extensive database of employers and recruiters who look for ideal candidates, right fit for IT profiles as well as create a productive workforce in their companies. Skilled foreign workers having vast experience should opt this programme.

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
The Provincial Nominee Program is meant for IT professionals having flair in IT, deep knowledge and relevant work experience and are looking forward to live in specific province and would like to apply for Permanent Residency in future.

Salary Structure in IT Jobs in Canada

The average salary in IT (Information Technology) jobs in Canada is $ 81750 per year. Salary at entry level positions starts at  $ 40600 per annum, while experienced professionals with specific skills earn upto $ 114300 per year. The salary structure depends on other components as well such as experience, academic credentials and so on. The employers in Canada generally offer work tenure from 1-3 years.

Titles in IT Jobs in Canada For Indians

  • Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Programmer
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • Helpdesk Analyst
  • Web Developer

IT Job Opportunities in Canadian Provinces


  • IT Support Technician in Toronto – $21.35 – $26.68 per hour
  • IT Helpdesk Analyst in Toronto – $37000 per year
  • Service Desk Support in Toronto – $29.09 – $30.91 per hour
  • User Service Representative in Toronto – $24.63 per hour
  • Application Analyst in Toronto – $37.68 – $47.75 per hour
  • Field Support Specialist in Aurora – $43.78 – $47.58 per hour
  • Consultant (Information Technology) in Mississauga – $39 per hour
  • Business Analyst in Aurora – $91460 – $96360 per year
  • Network Engineer in Brampton – $89046 – $100177 per year
  • Business Analyst in Toronto – $83935 – $106326 per year
  • Network Administrator in Richmond Hill – $34.50 per hour

Key Highlights

  • Direct Work Permit (WP) through Job Portals is secured by only 5% of the total applicants.
  • After receiving Permanent Residency, the chances of securing jobs in Canada increase from 5% to 50%.
  • Canadian employers are more interested in candidates who have secured PR since it allows them to work in Canada.

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A promising career in Canada is determined by trustworthy collaborators, experts’ advice and dependable immigration consultants who can provide holistic guidance. Signature Visas Job Assistance Service helps candidates in preparing for job interviews after securing PR. You may get in touch with immigration expert on +91-9911659888 to discuss on IT job options in Canada and process to immigrate.

Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan immigration updates before hunting jobs in Canada.

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