Human Resources (HR) Jobs in Canada for Indians

Human Resources (HR) Jobs in Canada for Indians

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Termed as one of the most immigration-friendly nation, Canada welcomes skilled foreign workers from diverse backgrounds and work profiles. The country offers bright career to Human Resources jobs seekers. The Human Resources HR jobs in Canada for Indians offer growth as well as bright and steady career. Canada Human Resources jobs offer wide range of positions to entry level as well as experienced workers.

HR Jobs in Canada for Indian

The domain of Human Resources offers various job opportunities to earn and grow, contribute to economy, learn from people from diverse culture, become a part of business strategy and devise ways to ensure happiness and well being of employees.

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Job Prospects in Canada Human Resources Sector:

  • Demand of Human Resources Assistants, Generalists and Managers is expected to grow every year.
  • Urban areas in Canada like Metro Vancouver offers great employment opportunities to HR Managers.
  • Experienced and skilled foreign workers having formal HR education are preferred by most employers in Canada.
  • HR Jobs in Canada for Indians is a sea of vast opportunities since HR professionals in India are trained to make and deliver presentations, interpret data, scrutinise and create a pool of CVs, make judicious use of social media platforms and have a broad understanding of human resources updates and trends.

As per study report of WorkBC Career Profile, a reputed portal that highlights career profiles based on National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, Human Resources jobs in Canada will see a surge in coming years in different provinces. Consider this –

WorkBC Provides Job Openings in British Colombia Regions from 2016 to 2025:

Region Employment in 2016 Average Annual Employment Growth Expected Number of Job Openings
Vancouver Island 800 1.2% 400
Lower Mainland / Southwest 3950 1.1% 1630
Thompson-Okanagan 390 1.1% 160

(Source – BC Labour Market Outlook)

Candidates having desired skills and work experience in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, get coveted job opportunities in the field of Human Resource.

Aspirants Can Apply for Immigrations Through any of the Options Available:

1) Express Entry Programme

Skilled Professionals who have secured Permanent Residency (PR) are allocated an Express Entry Number after applying under Express Entry gateway. This number is mandatory to register for one the most popular Job Portal – Job Bank of Canada ( It has a job pool with extensive database of employers who are searching right candidates and have a productive workforce in their companies. This pathway is best suited for professionals with an extensive work experience.

2) Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

This avenue is meant for below-mentioned candidates:

  • Having specific skill set, education and relevant work experience
  • Willing to live in particular province
  • Seeking to become Permanent Residents of Canada

Salary Structure in Human Resource Jobs in Canada:

The average salary of Human Resource professionals in Canada is $65,238 per year. Entry-level workers earn $30,000 to $45,000 per year (approximately). Experienced managers can earn $100,000 per year or more. Canada HR jobs offer perks and benefits, including dental coverage, paid vacation and medical leaves as well as contribution towards retirement plans.

Job Bank Canada Provides Hourly Wages Data for Human Resources Specialists:

Location Wage Per Hour
Cariboo Region $17 – $63.19
Lower Mainland (Southwest Region) $17 – $63.19
Vancouver Island and Coast Region $15 – $49.45

(Source – Job Bank Wage Report)

Human Resources Job Opportunities in Canadian Provinces


  • Human Resources Generalist in Brantford – $60,000 – $90,000 per year
  • Human Resources Assistant in Saint John – $13.19 -$18.30 per hour
  • Human Resources Intern in Toronto – $17.95 per hour
  • Human Resources Co-ordinator in Mississauga – $21 per hour
  • Human Resources Co-ordinator in Charlottetown – $25 per hour
  • Human Resources Operations Advisor in Edmonton – $3972 – $5263 per month
  • Human Resources Officer in Woodbridge – $31 per hour
  • Human Resources Generalist in Dartmouth – $50,000 – $60,000 per year
  • Classification Officer – Human Resource in Burnaby – $15 – $22 per hour

Key Highlights:

  • Only 5% of the total applicants secure direct Work Permit (WP) through Job Portals.
  • The chances of securing jobs in Canada increase from 5% to 50% once candidates receive Permanent Residency.
  • Canadian employers only show interest in resumes that have secured PR. The PR status ensures that candidates are eligible to work in Canada.

Human resources jobs in Canada for Indians include various tasks such as hire and train employees, retention of employees, evaluate staffing strategy, make job description and salary structures, assess compensation and benefit programs, address labour disputes and grievances, oversee employee performance and appraisal cycles as well as look after other aspects related to employees.

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A successful career in Canada hinges on trustworthy PR Visa consultants and reliable collaborators. A leading immigration consultant, Signature Visas, provides holistic guidance to aspirants to secure job opportunities. It also facilitates guidance from professionals working in Canada to help candidates take informed decisions as well as achieve short and long-term goals. The company is committed to facilitate job assistance to candidates in order to approach recruiters in Canada specialized in HR sector.

Signature Visas Job Assistance Service helps candidates in preparing for job interviews after securing PR. You can check points calculator for Canada PR to view your eligibility. You may get in touch with Signature Visas immigration expert on +91-9911659888 to know about HR (Human Resources) jobs in Canada and process to immigrate.

Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan immigration updates before hunting jobs in Canada.

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  • On comparison of the job for HR in Canada, it was revealed that the highest demand for this occupation was in Toronto, which was followed by Montreal and Ottawa

  • Hello, do HR jobs in Canada pay well in order to sustain in a new country?

    • Yes. You can talk to our immigration experts on +91-9911659888

  • As per the recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the HR job opportunities in management companies is more than in any other industry. Second, in line is professional and technical services. Also, the report added that HR managers earned much more than an HR specialist in terms of compensations and benefits attached. So there is great chances of HR career in Canada for Indians.

  • There are a lot of certification programs available to become an Human Resources-HR professional. You can get these certifications from the federal government or the state government. Before you start looking for a job as an HR professional, it is best to acquire knowledge of the software used by these professionals.

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