How to Start IELTS Preparation : for Beginners

How to Start IELTS Preparation : for Beginners

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  • June 25, 2021
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What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System is the exam taken by those people who are planning to work, study or immigrate to a country where English is the major language of communication. Preparing for IELTS is not a tough job, only if you know what you are doing, and you do it systematically. IELTS assesses your English (UK) language skills, to make sure if you can make a living in the other country comfortably and smoothly. If your English language skills are not up to a standard level, then you might face problems while working and communicating. The IELTS is available to take four times a month which means 48 times in a year. One can take the IELTS in an IELTS exam centre, which are placed in different cities, in 140 countries around the world.

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IELTS Preparation for Beginners-Tips

How should a beginner start preparing for the IELTS?

If you are planning to take the IELTS for the first time, start thinking, but in the right direction. After giving a direction to your thoughts, start implementing.

Here are few tips for the IELTS preparation for beginners that you should go behind to crack it in the first go!

Get Familiar with the test Format

There are two modules of IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic: This test is taken by those people who want to study for under graduation, graduation and post-graduation OR by those people who want to acquire professional registration.
  • IELTS general training: This test is taken by those people who want to immigrate to an English speaking country like UK, New Zealand, Australia or Canada.

The IELTS has four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.

Sections Time Allotted Sections Questions
Listening 30 Minutes 4 40
Reading 60 Minutes 3 40
Writing (academic) 60 Minutes Task 1: Report writing
Task 2 : Essay
Writing (General Training) 60 Minutes Task 1 : Letter
Task 2 : Essay
Speaking 11-14 Minutes 3 Face to Face with the examiner

Understand the scoring system

Test takers receive “BANDS” as scores. The bands range from 0-9 (with 9 being the highest score achievable), in a half point increment system. The overall score achieved is the average of all the four sections. So, if the overall score ends in decimal point, it will be rounded up to next half band or the next whole band.

Meaning of the IELTS Bands

  • Band 9: Expert User- Has fully valid and operative command over the language. Can correctly respond to unfamiliar situations in appropriate way.Language will not act as any barrier if you reside in an English speaking country.
  • Band 8: Very Good User- Has fully active command over the language, also situations with overlapping premises can be well grasped, although you may misunderstand some unfamiliar/ unknown situations.
  • Band 7: Good User – Has fully active command over the language, also you can understand multiplex language well, but you may make some, but there might be some unmethodical and unfitting mistakes in some situations.
  • Band 6: Competent User – Generally you have an active command over the language despite some unfitting mistakes and misunderstandings. You can use and understand satisfactory compound language, especially in familiar situations.
  • Band 5: Modest User – You have an incomplete command over the language, but you can manage to understand the overall essence in most situations, with some unwanted errors.
  • Band 4: Limited User – You face issues while understanding and expressing complex ideas. Your capability is restricted to known and familiar situations only. You do not use compound language on a daily basis.
  • Band 3: Extremely Limited User – You are comfortable only in familiar situations and language, with multiple interruptions during communication.
  • Band 2: Intermittent User – English language (speaking and writing), is a very big task for you, and it is below satisfactory level.
  • Band 1: Non-User – You do not communicate in English language at all. You are just familiar with few words which people do not really use.
  • Band 0: Test not taken – You did not attempt the questions.

Recognise and improve

The only way to know your own level of the language is by taking mock IELTS online under proper exam circumstances, through reliable websites for mock tests of IELTS. Keep practicing and keep working on your mistakes. You will not be benefited in ways if you don’t review your mock paper after taking it.

Acquire everything you need to crack this

If still you keep having doubts, seek Assistance on IELTS. The most important tool that you require to start your preparation is to have the most reliable source of information – An Expert. An expert can be a tutor, a website or even a book. You just need to make sure it is a certified one.You can check the same by checking their past track records, experience, feedbacks and testimonies. Checking the testimonies is the best way to judge an expert. It shows how many people have actually achieved success by following it.

Start reading blogs, subscribe to you tube videos. Start training your brain to be very information receptive about anything that you want to achieve. Once you are well informed and well -practised , you will get no surprises on the day of the actual test.

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  • The applicant cannot get Canada work visa without giving the IELTS test and achieving the
    required bands in the test. The IELTS score should not be less than 6 Bands if you wish to have a strong immigration chance.

  • To apply for IELTS you can register online. Start by choosing the preferred date and time. The
    registration is done on a “First Come, First Serve” basis and there is no guarantee of a first
    choice test date. If the seats are not available on the choosen dates then the appellant will
    automatically be shifted to the next available date considered your location as one of pioneering

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