How Long Does It Take To Get Proof of Canadian Citizenship

How Long Does It Take To Get Proof of Canadian Citizenship

The proof of Canadian citizenship helps applicants to avail many social benefits. Securing a proof of Canadian citizenship is easier for applicants, if their parents (or parent) were a first-generation Canadian at the time of their birth. In fact, such eligible applicants easily secure proof of Canadian citizenship processing time and process that has minimum waiting period. The IRCC issues the standard document or proof of Canadian citizenship.

What is Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

Residents, who have Canadian citizenship certificate are considered citizens of Canada. The Canadian citizenship certificate is only issued to people either born in Canada; born to Canadian parents or permanent residents, who have been granted Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian citizenship certificate contains important information related to family and names of family members, certificate holder’s date of birth, gender, and date of grant of citizenship. It is important to note that the Canadian citizenship certificate is not equivalent to the passport. For travel purposes, individuals should keep their passports ready.

What Is Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Citizenship?

Applicants can only obtain proof of Canadian citizenship if their parent(s) was a citizen by birth or naturalization when they were born. It is important to note that in such cases the place of birth does not make a difference and applicants or children of parents, who are Canadian citizens by birth, can easily secure proof of Canadian citizenship. In such cases, applicants can apply to get Canadian citizenship certificate at any point of time in life. They are allowed to submit the application of Canadian citizenship even if their Canadian parent(s) are not alive.

The adopted children having Canadian parents are eligible to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate. The certificate is also granted to those who were adopted right after the birth in Canada.

Also, the provincial or territorial birth certificate issued by the authorities to children born in Canada is the proof of Canadian citizenship and later they can secure a Canadian citizenship certificate, if required for official or legal purposes.

A Canadian citizen must request a fresh copy of a citizenship certificate if the original has been lost or stolen.

People born in other countries or outside Canada, must receive a citizenship certificate after completing all official requirements. The Canadian citizenship certificate is required to cast vote in general elections, apply for Canadian passport, apply for driving license, to be able to get valid job offer in Canada, avail social, educational and healthcare benefits as well as get a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

What Counts as Proof of Canadian Citizenship Documents?

The Canadian citizenship certificate application process starts with submitting a duly-filled application along with the required supporting documents and a total of $75 CAD as processing fee.

All submitted applications are evaluated and processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). If all documents are in proper order, then application is processed within six months. Applicant can easily track the stages of processing through online mode. Once, the application for Canadian citizenship certificate is approved by CIC, applicant will receive the certificate through mail. If application is rejected, then CIC informs such applicants later. Reapplying for citizenship requires submitting a copy of the original citizenship along with other supporting documents.

Proof of Canadian citizenship documents also includes Canadian citizenship certificates of parents. One can download it from the application package available on IRCC’s portal. It is important to note that IRCC considers proof such as a Canadian parent’s birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, or citizenship certificate to facilitate the grant of a citizenship certificate to an applicant.

Once the submission of application form is completed, the IRCC sends an ‘acknowledgment of receipt’ to applicants. After approval of CIC, the IRCC sends a Canadian citizenship certificate to applicants.

The IRCC also facilitates urgent processing of applications for special cases. This option also provides applicants immediate access to facilities such as healthcare, SIN, passport, job offer by a Canadian employer.

Certain proof of Canadian citizenship documents that are recognized by CIC are:

  • naturalization certificates that were issued before January 1, 1947,
  • Registration of Birth Abroad certificates and
  • Retention certificates that were issued between January 1, 1947, and February 14, 1977.

These documents clearly establish Canadian citizenship of applicants’ parents. Some government agencies in Canada also require additional documents as a proof of Canadian citizenship.

What is the Processing Time?

The proof of Canadian citizenship processing time for regular filing for applications is approximately 17 months. For special and urgent cases, the processing time varies between two to eight weeks. It is important to note that applicants must have a valid reason to file urgent applications, else they can be rejected at the first stage of evaluation. It should be noted that even reapplying for citizenship certificate takes around 17 months.

An applicant can track the status of applications in IRCC’s website. The traditional paper-mode application submission is also available at IRCC office. However, online submission of applications is considered fastest and easiest these days to avoid delays. In case of paper-mode submission, sorting is easier and applicants can be informed immediately if some documents are missing in the file.

Certain important rules should be understood such as in case of amending date of birth of applicant, the application processing time may extend to 24 months in some cases.

Applicants should e-mail or send a soft (scanned) copy to Oath of Citizenship to IRCC as soon as possible, preferable within two working days of signing it online or on paper. Applicant shall receive citizenship certificate through mail in next two to four weeks. In case of delay or no response from IRCC, applicants should get in touch with IRCC immediately.

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