How Alberta PNP Points Calculator Work?

How Alberta PNP Points Calculator Work?

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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is one of the popular PNP programs for Canada Immigration, and it is one of the most sort after province as well, after Ontario and Quebec. A lot of the Indian population is settled in Alberta due to favourable climatic conditions and Job opportunities. Contractors, transporters, and Miners are some of the most popular professions of the province, but Alberta has something to offer to almost every occupation.

Alberta PNP Points Calculator

The province of Alberta has three key streams:

  • Alberta opportunities Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Alberta Self Employment Farmer Stream

The selection for the Alberta PNP program is very similar to the other provinces, and those applicants who meet the provincial eligibility criterion are shortlisted. Meeting the Alberta provincial nominee program points calculator score is one of the important prerequisites.

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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Points Calculator

The selection of Alberta province is point-based and is applicable on all the streams. The aspiring candidates should attain the required benchmark score. The selection score for the Alberta province is 67 points out of 100. The calculation is done as follows:

Alberta PNP Points Calculator

Factors Maximum Points
Education 25
Language ability 28
Work experience 15
Age 12
Arranged employment 10
Adaptability 10
Total score 100

The above-presented factors validate the proficiency of the candidates in quantified terms with the help of the Alberta PNP points calculator.

What are the Ways through Which You Can Increase Your Score for Alberta?

You can apply for Alberta after improving your score. This will increase your chances of selection for the provincial nomination. Those applicants who get selected for the provincial nomination they are eligible for 600 points core in the Express Entry program as well.

The key ways which can help you increase your points score are:

  • Get a job offer from an employer in Alberta
  •  Improve your work experience
  • Pursue post-secondary education from the Alberta province
  • There are also points for parent, child, brother or sister residing in Alberta
  • Improve your Language score

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What is the Processing Time for the Alberta Provincial Nomination Program (APNP)?

The processing time will depend on a lot on the stream that you have chosen for immigration. Also, it will depend on the accuracy of the documents and the credentials of the applicant. However, an ideal profile will take around seven to eight months to process. For hassle-free processing of the application, it is always better to hire a reliable immigration company.

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  • I have ten years of work experience as a Software Engineer, and I would like to migrate to Alberta. I would like to know if a job offer is required before immigration.

    • Alberta province requires a job letter in a full-time permanent occupation before immigration. Also, the basic work experience needed for a position is mandatory, which is an advantage in your case as you have ten years of experience to your credit. Before immigration, all Immigrating candidates and employers will have to submit an Employer driven application for Skilled occupation (AINP 005) as per the latest changes introduced.

  • The applicant needs to score at least 67 points out of 100 in the Alberta PNP points grid to be eligible for the assessment grid. However, the better you score the better are your selection chances.
    Thank you.

  • The maximum points one can get for Alberta PNP score calculator is through language proficiency where a high score can help get 28 points for the applicant. Canada is a bi –lingual country so the applicant can take the test in either English or French.

  • Presently, Alberta is booming in the primary sector, and there are a lot of jobs available in Oil, Gas, and Mining industry. This has also created vacancies in Transportation and equipment operations.

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