What are The Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada?

What are The Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada?

Canada is attracting immigrant from all around the globe. The major reason is its booming economy, which provides highest paying in demand jobs in Canada. Also, Canada has also had a demand and openings for people working in various fields of jobs.

Top Most Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada

For job opportunities, the Canadian government invites specialists and foreign skilled workers under their express entry scheme. It provides them with a permanent settlement in Canada along with all the other perks that a citizen enjoys. Express entry scheme is a structured design through which the country intends to invite eligible migrants as per the profiles they are looking forward to. It is an absolutely online and digitally convenient process. However, it requires need of a consultancy for the guidance and step by step procedural rules that each candidate must abide by to qualify the eligibility criteria.

Apply for Canada PR under express entry framework to obtain residency in the land of maple leaves. This framework is point based and considers and applicant with a particular score for the draw. You can seek help of  experts who can can help you strategize and jot down an effective plan to relocate to country of Canada.

The List of Top Most Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs for 2021 in Canada:

Sales Representative

There are a lot of upcoming business thriving in Canada and hence, an efficient sales representative can make the trade grow and is in high demand in the country. There are certain cases where Sales representatives earn on the commission basis as well. However, the average salary of the Sales Representative is CAD 75,000 per year.


With trades and businesses hiking, the need for account managing also becomes critical and cumbersome. This is the reason it is one of the highest paid and required occupation in Canada. The average salary of an Accountant in Canada is CAD 57,500 to 87,500 per year.

Business Analyst

A business can easily achieve heights and goals with a business analyst. With his main job being problem analysis and solving, solutions to grow your company can come handy. The average Salary of business analyst is in Canada is CAD 64,800 per year.

IT and Software Engineers

There is an enormous demand for IT developers and those in the technology sector. This sector majorly focuses on individuals good with computer languages and who have an innovative aptitude with the same. They are in charge to set up an online environment that will enable the business to grow smoothly and comfortably.

It is among top careers in demand in Canada. Software developers also should have similar aptitude and skills to develop helpful applications that can be used by the masses. The average salary in this domain is CAD 66,000 per year.

Engineering Manager

Whether its industrial framework or a housing project, it is impossible to execute a plan without an engineer. From research, to planning to execution, everything can be handled efficiently by an engineer. Thus they are also paid well in Canada. The average salary of an Engineering manager in Canada is CAD 1,09,000 per year.

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Some Other Noteworthy Professions are –

Apart from these, there is a need of nurses and other skilled workers. The skills also include truck driving, welder, assistant teacher, steamfitter, veterinary assistant, drug specialist etc.

Remember all these jobs fall under NOC list and have different codes linked to each category. The profiles considered for the same will also include parameters like age, qualification and major experience in the required field to qualify express entry criteria.

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  • These are no doubts high paying Canada In-Demand jobs. There are also increasing demand of AI I researcher -Artificial intelligence engineers salary can range between $76,000 and $92,000. Also, receptionists average salary is CAD 35,000 or above.

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