Healthcare Jobs in Canada For Indians

Healthcare Jobs in Canada For Indians

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  • October 23, 2019
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The evolving landscape of healthcare in Canada propelled demand of skilled professionals who can contribute towards well being of patients and citizens. Known to have advanced resources and well-equipped medical facilities, healthcare jobs in Canada for Indian immigrants are in plenty. The healthcare jobs in Canada for Indians offer growth as well as a bright future and steady career.

Healthcare jobs in canada

Healthcare jobs in Canada for Indian Immigrants

Besides nurses, Canada offers work opportunities to skilled professionals in a wide range of allied healthcare fields. Healthcare jobs in Canada can be found in every province and city. Devising a series of immigration programs by the government for healthcare professionals indicates the growing need of experts in Canada. The country needs physiotherapists, medical laboratory technicians, occupational therapists, radiation technologists, medical sonographers and so on.

Job Prospects in Canada Healthcare Sector –

  • Demand of healthcare practitioners with a wide range of expertise and extensive work experience.
  • Healthcare practitioners who empathise with patients and family.
  • Skilled professionals having holistic vision for physical, mental and emotional well being of patients.
  • A new research project titled ‘Preparing Leaders for Alternative Futures of Health’, conducted by McMaster University’s Health Leadership Academy (HLA) states that healthcare professionals need to be equipped with challenges of evolving social, mental and medical sphere. The members of research team said, “In our preliminary research, we have identified a number of driving forces that have the potential to transform our healthcare system. No matter what the future holds, what we do know is that emerging health leaders will need to be flexible in the way they understand, organize and deliver care to people.” It emphasises need of healthcare professionals having holistic perspective towards well being of patients.
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) – The Healthcare professional stream of the BC PNP was created to retain medical workers in these fields:
    • Physicians
    • Specialists
    • Registered nurses
    • Registered psychiatric nurses
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Allied health professionals such as diagnostic medical sonographers, clinical pharmacists, medical laboratory techs, medical radiation techs, occupational therapists, physiotherapists)

(Please note that applicants to this program must have a job offer from a British Columbia-based employer)

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – It has a similar category for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Applicants already working full-time in the province for at least six months are eligible to apply.

Read in Detail – Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

  • Healthcare jobs in Canada for Indian immigrants is a sea of vast opportunities since they come from close-knit societies and are trained to make optimum use of skills and talent. This lends Indian professionals a balanced approach that is required in healthcare in industry.

Candidates having work experience, knowledge and skills in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, secure various job opportunities in the field of Healthcare.

Aspirants can apply for immigrations through any of the options available:

Express Entry Programme

Skilled foreign workers, who have secured Permanent Residency (PR), receive an Express Entry Number after applying under the Canada Express Entry programme. This number is mandatory for registration in Job Bank of Canada ( one of the most popular Job portals in Canada. It has job categories with a vast database of employers who look for the right candidates and have a productive workforce in their companies. This pathway is ideal for professionals having extensive work experience.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

This Provincial Nominee Programme PNP is meant for candidates having specific skill set, knowledge and work experience, are willing to live in particular province and seeking Permanent Residency.

Salary Structure in Healthcare Jobs in Canada for Immigrants:

The average annual salary of Healthcare professionals in Canada is $271, 000 for a general physician, $446, 000 for a specialist surgeon and $35,000 for entry-level workers. Other additional features include better work conditions and a regulated national healthcare system that provides good opportunities for young healthcare professionals. Perks and wages for Canadian healthcare professionals are expected to increase in the coming years.

Healthcare Job Opportunities in Canadian Provinces –

  • Health Promoter – Family Health Team in Toronto – $28.98 – $34.60 per hour
  • Surveillance Officer in Toronto – $61,380 – $74,670 per year
  • Public Health Nurses in Brantford – $40.72 – $47.31 per hour
  • Health Educator in Saskatoon – $34.23 – $41.85 per hour
  • Research Co-ordinator (Oncology) in Toronto – $26.60 – $33.24 per hour
  • Public Health Officer in Kentville – $3814 – $5910 per moth
  • Epidemologist – Primary Health Care in Halifax – $38.13 – $50.66 per hour
  • Public Health Nurse in Inuvik – $86000 – $103000 per year
  • Administrative Assistant in Oshawa – $24.63 per hour
  • Field Epidemologist in Toronto – $81858 – $94219 per year
  • Public Health Nurse in Niagara – $39.40 – $46.26 per hour
  • Facility Co-ordinator in Ottawa – $72406 – $88091 per year
  • Dental Assistant in Hamilton – $25.83 – $28.07 per hour
  • Foreperson (Public Works) in City of St John’s – $77587 – $115127 per year

Key Highlights

  • Work Permit through job portals is secured by only 5% of the total applicants
  • Once candidates receive Permanent Residency (PR), the chances of securing jobs in Canada increase from 5% to 50%
  • Canadian employers are mainly interested in resumes of candidates who have secured PR. It makes candidates eligible to work in Canada.

Healthcare jobs in Canada for Indians include various tasks such as examine, assess, observe and prepare report on patient’s illness mentioning symptoms, medication, treatment and progress (if any). Healthcare professionals provide relief and safety to patients and promote well being of patients and their families.

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A thriving Healthcare career in Canada depends on reliable immigration consultants and responsible counselors. A leading immigration consultant, Signature Visas, provides holistic guidance to job aspirants. The consultant also provides guidance from people working in Canada to make candidates understand work culture and policies in Canada. It also facilitates job assistance to candidates and job seekers in Canada.

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Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan immigration updates before hunting jobs in Canada.

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  • A career in the Healthcare field is always in demand. Qualified individuals and professionals have a pool of opportunities to work with. Out of the many career options, there is a great demand for Health Policy specialists or consultants that plays an integral part to help with a variety of issues such as medical records sharing and give cost-effective solutions. There is a unique demand for a respiratory therapist who treats people who suffer from heart or lung problems.

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