Canada Visit Visa Requirements

Canada Visit Visa Requirements

A lot of people visit Canada to experience the beauty and versatility that this country offers. There are both single entry and Multiple Entry Visas available for Canada. People who are visiting Canada they are not allowed to Work on the Temporary visitor’s Visa but they are free to travel across the country for leisure.

 Info about Canada Visit Visa Requirements

Some of the key features of the Canada visitor visa from India are –

  • Generally, the Visa validity is for Six months.
  • There are both Single entry and Multiple entry visas.
  • The applicant can take dependents and children along with the visa.
  • It is a leisure trip only visa.
  • The applicant is not allowed to work on a Visitor’s visa.
  • The Visit visa is issued in 2 to 3 weeks after submission.

What are the Canada visit visa requirements?

If you are not a PR status holder or have a work permit, then you will require Visitor’s visa to enter Canada. The Temporary visitor’s Visa is an official document which is required along with your passport to allow admission in Canada.

The requirements for Canada visit visa are:

  • Intention of leaving Canada after the allotted stay.
  • Proof of enough funds to sustain oneself and the family.
  • No criminal records.
  • No Intention of working in Canada.
  • Good moral and physical health.
  • Provide document to show your admissibility.
  • The candidate should have a valid passport and other documents.

List of the documents required for Canada Visit Visa for an Indian citizen:

  • Proof of funds for the entire visit time span.
  • Proof that there is no intention to take a job.
  • There should be no criminal record against the applicant.
  • Provide Invitation letters from their sponsors in case they are staying with relatives of friends.

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Will I have to apply separately for my family members?

Family Members should complete their own application forms and the applications should be submitted together. The Visitor Visa requirements should be met by all the family members. For the total payable amount one single payment method and single entry can be made.

There are two ways through which the application can be submitted:

  • Paper
  • Online

In both the cases, please ensure that you have the application barcode with you downloaded or in written form for future reference. For paper applications, a planned visit to visa application centre is better.

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  • Beautiful country

  • I am planing to visit Canada with my family for fifteen days. I have two daughters one of them is one-year-old and the other one is eight-year-old. I would like to know if birth certificates of my children is required for the Canada visit visa application?

    • It is good to have the birth certificate of the child handy. It is an important document which will establish your relationship to the child and will state that you are his legal guardian.

  • Canada is an advanced country with good infrastructure and beautiful landscapes. I visited Canada on tourist visa sometime back with my family and enjoyed the experience. I would love to go to Canada again 🙂

  • To meet eligibility criteria, you are required to prove the authorities of immigration department all the requirements needed for Canada visitor visa. Also, I think one need to check CIC site for latest updates or changes in eligibility, requirements before applying.

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