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If you are planning migrate to Canada, there are more than 80 programs. One of the best programs is the Canada Express Entry.It was Launched in January 2015, Express Entry is the most popular way to apply for immigration in Canada. Any working professional who wants to work and settle in Canada can apply through this program. For this the applicant will have to achieve the express entry minimum points requirement.

The application is accepted online after which the applicant’s profile is rated on several factors. Since the initial appraisal is made through electronic system, there is no room for bias. This is why it is one of the best and most rewarding immigration programs in the world.

Canada Express Entry Minimum Points and Rules

What is the Minimum Points for Express Entry Canada?

The express entry selection is based on a point based system which works as a criterion for shortlisting the appropriate candidates. If you want to become an express entry candidate, you must acquire minimum 67 points out of 100, which is required for Canada express entry. The key factors on which the applicants are assessed are:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Arranged employment in Canada
  • Adaptability

How the CRS are score for Express Entry Calculated?

Factors are taken into consideration and the score is calculated out of 100 to check the eligibility of the applicant. If you score a minimum of 67 points out of 100, you get selected among the pool of express entry candidates. This means that you now qualify for immigration where you are then nominated on the basis of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. Let’s see how much you can score in each of the above factors.

Canada Express Entry Minimum Points and Rules

Minimum score express entry Canada 2020

In this factor, you can achieve maximum of 12 points. You will only be granted 12 points if you are aged between 18-35. There are no points for being under 18 or above 47. If you are above 35, one point will be deducted with the increase in age.

Language Proficiency
You can achieve maximum of 24 points under this factor. A candidate’s application is judged upon his proficiency in mainly English which is one of the two official languages of Canada. The second is French.

If your CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) is 9 or above, you will gain all 24 points. You won’t be eligible to apply if your CLB level is below 7.

You can get extra 4 points if you have a CLB score of 5 or above in French.

Education will earn a maximum of 25 points. If you have a University Degree at the Doctoral level (PhD) from Canada, you are eligible to score 25 points. A Canadian high school diploma or equal earns the least score of 5 points.

Work Experience
Work experience comes with maximum of 15 points. To achieve the maximum score, you need to have work experience of 6 years or more. An experience of one year will earn you only 9 points.

Arranged Employment
If you have a legitimate job offer or full time employment for at least one year in Canada, it is a good news because you will then be eligible to score 10 points.

You can get extra 10 points if you are planning to move to Canada with your spouse. In that case, your partner’s application will also be assessed on the same factors. In case you also have a blood relative already residing in Canada, you can win the brownie points.

What Will Happen When You Meet the Score?

If you are an aspirant candidate with a score that is at par or above Canada express entry minimum points set by the Canadian Immigration Agency (IRCC), you will be eligible to enter into the express entry pool where your application will be assessed on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

In case your score is less than 67 points, here are some ways to increase your score:

  • Increase your language proficiency: If you haven’t achieved maximum points in this factor, there is a scope to increase your score. Work on your language proficiency skills to achieve maximum points. Brush up your English linguistics skills and get a boost in your point weightage.
  • Enhance your work experience: If you have scored low points under this factor, you can easily get ideal points by having an experience of over 3 years.
  • Education qualification: Having a PhD from any University in Canada will earn you maximum points. If that’s not possible, having a master’s degree can still enhance your chance. If you do not have a master’s degree, you can apply for one to maximize your chances for express entry program.

The points requirement for Canada’s Canada’s permanent residency is a variable number which changes every year. The latest express entry draw nominated 35,000 candidates with a minimum cut off being 442 points.

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Express Entry draw list: January 2018 to August 2018

  • Express Entry draw 2018 – Lowest CRS points cutoff: 440 (all programs), 288 (FSTC)
  • Express Entry draw 2018 – Highest CRS points cutoff: 456 (all programs), 902 (PNP)
Draw Date No. of ITA CRS points
Draw 96 August 8 3,750 440
Draw 95 July 25 3,750 441
Draw 94 July 11 3,750 442
Draw 93 June 25 3,750 442
Draw 93 June 13 3,750 451
Draw 91 (PNP) May 30 200 902
Draw 91 (FSTC) May 30 500 288
Draw 90 May 23 3,500 440
Draw 89 May 9 3,500 441
Draw 88 April 25 3,500 441
Draw 87 April 11 3,500 444
Draw 86 March 26 3,000 446
Draw 85 March 14 3,000 456
Draw 84 February 21 3,000 442
Draw 83 February 7 3,000 442
Draw 82 January 21 2,750 444
Draw 81 January 10 2,750 446

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