Architecture Jobs in Canada for Indians

Architecture Jobs in Canada for Indians

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  • September 24, 2019
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The land of limitless opportunities – Canada offers a wide range of benefits to immigrants and residents. Experienced architects are in demand in Canada owing to expanding construction and real estate business. The architecture job in Canada for Indians is one of the most sought after options. The country assures good standard of living to individuals and families, access to healthcare, welfare schemes, safe and clean surroundings, world-class education, well-connected public transport system and ideal work conditions.

Architecture Jobs in Canada for Indian Citizens

Canadian employers also seek ideal candidates who are good in conceptualising and designing buildings for residential and commercial purpose, conserving heritage structures, restoring old construction, and developing new ideas to make optimum use of space in buildings. Various architectural firms in Canada appreciate skilled Indian professionals who are also good in designing, restoration, organisation, and maintenance of existing buildings within defined budget. Architecture jobs in Canada for Indians are in plenty as well as offer sustainable and bright career to young aspirants.

As per study report of WorkBC Career Profile, a reputed portal that highlights career profiles based on National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

  • Jobs in Architecture in Canada are expected to grow every year.
  • The country has a large section of population retiring every year which opens a gateway of opportunities for young architects to join workforce.
  • Canada is witnessing an increase in construction projects, development of residential areas, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial space, hotels and retail buildings. This indicates growing demand of trained architects in Canada for successful completion of these projects.

Candidates having desired skills and work experience in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, get coveted job opportunities in the field of Architecture.

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Aspirants Can Apply for Immigrations Through any of the Options Available:

Express Entry Programme

Skilled Professionals who have secured Permanent Residency (PR) are allocated an Express Entry Number after applying under Express Entry gateway. This number is mandatory to register for one the most popular Job Portal – Job Bank of Canada ( It has a job pool with extensive database of employers who are searching right candidates and have a productive workforce in their companies. This is best suited for professionals with an extensive work experience.

Use Canada Points Calculator to check PR eligibility

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

This provincial nominee program avenue is meant for below-mentioned candidates.

  • Having specific skill set, education and relevant work experience
  • Willing to live in particular province
  • Seeking to become Permanent Resident of Canada

Salary Structure in Architecture Jobs in Canada:

The average salary in jobs in architecture in Canada is $80,466 per year or $41.26 per hour. Salary at entry level positions starts at $37,050 per annum, while experienced professionals earn upto $136,791 per year. The salary structure depends on other components as well such as experience, academic credentials and so on. The employers in Canada generally offer work tenure from 1-3 years.

Architecture Job Opportunities in Canadian Provinces:


  • Housing Renovator in Burnaby – $24 per hour
  • Database Architect in Ottawa – $55-$60 per hour
  • Junior Estimator (Construction) in Brandon – $19- $25 per hour
  • Enterprise Architect in Ottawa – $79,695- $100,839 per year
  • Project Architect in Edmonton – $84,597 – $120,852 per year
  • Facilities Planner in Montreal – $76,831 – $91,763 per year
  • Landscape Architect in Calgary – $41.44 – $55.40 per hour
  • Construction Cost Estimator in Concord – $33 – $34 per hour
  • Senior Architect in Ottawa – $78,788 – $106,412 per year
  • Architect in Ottawa – $64,397 – $85,443 per year

Key Highlights:

  • Only 5% of the total applicants secure direct Work Permit (WP) through Job Portals.
  • The chances of securing jobs in Canada increase from 5% to 50% once candidates receive Permanent Residency.
  • Canadian employers only show interest in resumes who have secured PR. The PR status ensures that candidates are eligible to work in Canada.

Most Popular Profiles in Architecture jobs in Canada for Indians:

  • Principal Architect
  • Junior Architect
  • Head Architect / Senior Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Designer
  • Planner / Town Planner
  • Project Architect

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A successful career in Canada hinges on trustworthy immigration consultants and reliable collaborators. A leading immigration consultant, Signature Visas, provide guidance to aspirants to secure job opportunities. It also facilitates guidance from professionals working in Canada to help candidates take informed decisions as well as achieve short and long-term goals. The company is committed to facilitate job assistance to candidates in order to approach recruiters in Canada specialized in Architecture sector.

Signature Visas Job Assistance Service helps candidates in preparing for job interviews after securing Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. You may get in touch with Signature Visas immigration expert on +91-9911659888 to know about career in architecture and process to immigrate.

Disclaimer- Candidates are advised to do research and scan immigration updates before hunting jobs in Canada.

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  • There are other licensing authorities also that you can consider –
    -Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects (BEFA)
    -Canadian Architecture Licensing Authority (CALA)
    These are the most popular ones for foreign professionals.

  • You should contact Architectural Certification Board to check if your educational qualifications will match the Canadian standards. The assessment can take up to three month’s time so be prepared for the licensing process.

  • Jobs of architects is expected to grow 4 % till 2026 as there is a facelift expected in Canada. Also, with the boom in the Manufacturing sector, several site constructions are awaited in the country. This will require the help of accredited architects with excellent skills.

  • What is NOC list?

    • National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011:
      2151 – Architects

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