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This post will help you understand the Advantages of Canada PR visa holder. The Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada – a developed country – offers various benefits and gives ample scope of growth to job seekers, entrepreneurs and young investors.

advantages of PR in Canada

For immigrating abroad, Canada is a wise choice to opt for. More than its beautiful provinces, it unrolls excellent avenues to skilled educated people. It is one of the advanced countries that has amazing infrastructure facilities, robust technology and cutting-edge equipment’s make it a top choice! Here are the major benefits that you can get after becoming the Canada permanent resident.

Key Advantages of PR in Canada include:

  • Employment opportunities in various domains – Canada has numerous lucrative job roles available in different kinds of industries and fields. From managerial roles to administrative to the medical professions, all kinds of jobs are very much available.
  • Better pay scales – On average, the pay scale is fairly handsome for most of the industries. Roughly, Canadian employees are able to make nearly $952 per week or amount to $50,000 for a year.
  • Social benefits of Canada PR – There are several social benefits of having Canada PR. You can have better infrastructure facilities, modernized equipment, a better lifestyle and earn a handsome amount of wages.
  • Free Education – The PR status entitles the person to take the leverage of free education for their kids. The government of Canada provide free school education till grade 12.
  • Safe and secure environment – Safety is the main priority of any individual. Canada is committed to provide a safe and healthy environment to the immigrants and citizens.
  • Subsidized university education – Some universities in Canada offers subsidized higher education. And if you hold a PR, then you can avail the university-level education at the domestic price.
  • Profitable investment options – In Canada, there are vast options available for investing money in the right manner and earn profit. One such scheme is Canada Savings Bond, which is a savings product issued and guaranteed by the Federal government. Also, an exchange-traded fund is an investment fund holding assets like stocks, commodities or bonds, etc.
  • Medical benefits and compensation for patients – Provision of subsidized medical facilities is one of the added bonanza of having the Canada PR. There is a panel of world-class doctors in Canadian hospitals who offer medical care at nominal rates. All the medical facilities are taken with utmost care.
  • Visa-free entry to several countries – The plus point of having a Canadian passport holder is that the person can enter 172 countries without a visa, get 51 visas on arrival, and as many as 33 countries allow Canadian visa holders to enter their land.
  • Gain Canadian Citizenship – If a person has lived in Canada with PR status for more than 5 years, he/she is eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship and obtain the same.

The Canadian PR visa is granted for five years duration to candidates who fulfill certain eligibility criteria fixed by the government. After getting PR, you will get all the advantages of PR in Canada.

What is the Process to get Canada PR?

Candidates seeking Canada PR visa have to score specific points to immigrate to Canada. Candidates are supposed to secure 67 points out of 100 in order to apply. An experienced and trusted immigration consultant helps candidates to understand the point system as well as support throughout the immigration process and make it a hassle-free experience for aspirants.

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After getting points, candidates can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the authorities. Based on their points and intent to immigrate to Canada they will receive an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR status through portal.

The application for Permanent Resident (PR) must have below-mentioned documents:

  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Score for IELTS
  • Skill assessment report
  • Work experience certificates
  • Health Certificate
  • Verification by police department
  • PR visa fee (to be paid online)

The authorities scrutinise documents of candidates to check their eligibility for Canada PR visa. Candidates must answer queries of authorities by presenting supporting documents. It takes 6 to 8 months to process the PR visa application.

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List of PR Programs:

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Entrepreneur program
  • Investor program
  • Federal Skilled self-employed program
  • Provincial nomination program

Fill out free visa assessment form and get guidance from trained counsellors.

PR visa application process can be an overwhelming experience, thus candidates should opt professional guidance from immigration consultant. The consultant resolves all queries of candidates and helps them to meet professional goals and secure bright future in the area of their interest.

Signature Visas offers active support at every step, provide guidance by trained counsellors, tips by professionals working in Canada and update candidates about latest immigration policies, employment status and job prospects in Canada. You may get in touch with Signature Visas immigration expert for detail info on PR process. Call/Whatsapp on +91-9911659888.

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2 thoughts on “Advantages of Canada PR

  1. You can start your business in Canada and avail the benefit of NAFTA. It is the trade agreement between North American countries and it can be highly profitable for mushrooming businesses. This is another advantages of having PR of Canada.

  2. One of the biggest advantage of Canada PR is the medical healthcare benefit. there is highly subsidized healthcare facilities available for Canada PR status holders and their family members as well. The support one ‘s family gets at the time of medical emerges in Canada is impeccable.

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